why is it that COMPUTERS are so popular..........?
2010-09-02 11:05:01 UTC
and yet computer security is still a mystery to most people?

i had to do a survey for my effective speaking class yesterday and decided to do it on computer security.

i asked basic questions like......

do you use a windows operating system?

do you use anti-virus software?


people just looked at me like i got my space ship at area 51.

why is it that computers have taken over our daily life yet basic knowledge or security is still stuck in the 90's??
Seven answers:
2010-09-02 11:47:23 UTC
Because you don't need to know anything to buy one. In the same node, people have children all the time and they never teach you anything about raising them now do they? That is a much bigger mystery to me
2010-09-02 18:31:09 UTC
Computers can be a God send for information. With a computer you can shop, buy on-line, and order almost anything you care to mention. The more you use your computer the more you should learn what you can do with it.

I practise my typing by answering questions here on this format, and learn how to draft my answers satisfactorily. You can do courses on a computer, and learn how to navigate around the Interent, for lots of surfing and interaction.

Email is fantastic, and you can keep in touch within seconds, and the blink of an eye. I have three email servers, they are free to use, and have lots of space for storage. Viruses are a big problem, so you have to have adequate protection against them.

Some are called Trojans which can do a lot of damage. I have the experience of being able to keep my PC clear of viruses and trojans, but you cannot become too complacent in this area. Always be on your guard and don't click on anything you feel suspicious.

2010-09-02 18:11:44 UTC
Computers are popular because it have everything you need like dictionarys and calculators and social networking sites like facebook, people can get addict and come back again and again to go on it the companys earn more money from it and start to develop it. I think it all comes down to money and keeping in touch with relatives across the world.

I'm only 13 so sorry it the was a waste ! =]
2010-09-02 18:08:04 UTC
Most people are blissfully ignorant of the threats out there. I prefer to call them Mac users, but there are plenty of PC users who don't get it either. Computer security isn't taught in schools and unless you are exposed to some level of it, it remains a mystery.
2010-09-02 18:14:46 UTC
Because people don't realize that all of their personal information could become available to anyone. Even though computers have been around there is still a lot of people that don't know much about them.
2010-09-02 22:04:40 UTC
Some people just don't care what is going on with the huge investment of a computer, I bet they don't know much about their car either.
Deaf Mute
2010-09-02 18:09:42 UTC
It used to be that people who used computers would know a lot more about them, but now, you don't have to know anything about them to use them. The need to know about them has been outweighed by the need to use them.

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