Should I put my win 7 update automatic? or not?
2010-02-16 19:40:50 UTC
After hearing a hacker break into window update for xp (about causing the blue screen of death after updating the patch and only way to repair is to use a window cd) and now I am more concern if a hacker try to break into window 7 update.

So which is more safer leaving my win 7 update automatic or should I manually download and install it by my self every 1-2 week?

Is there another way to fix the blue screen, I think one of my friends lost and didn't make a back up disk for his laptop.

Last question is the window restore disk is the same as the recovery disk? IS recovery disk same as the factory disk?

Because my laptop asked me to make a recovery disk and that what I did....

I asking this question because I am new to the computer world.

Thanks for your time and the comment.
Three answers:
2010-02-17 01:31:55 UTC
Win7, being fairly 'fresh', is still being modified to work out the bugs.

The current best tactic would be to enable the "Notices" of updates, and do a manual install.

If you have 'automatic download & install' several counter productive things may occur:

the patch may actually 'break' some important aspect and you wouldn't know what caused the issue, and you may conclude it was something you did, leading to further counter productive fixes on your part.

This actually happened just last week, when the 'cycle' patch started causing widespread BSOD's.

See article:

"Windows users began flooding Windows support forums this week, saying that their computers had been rendered unusable with a blue-screen-of-death (BSOD) error after installing Microsoft's February security updates, released Tuesday. On Thursday, Microsoft stopped shipping the MS10-015 update, which had been linked to the issue, and said it was investigating."

Urgent and Critical fixes should be done ASAP; others at your leisure.

Make the 'Recovery disk' (and label it plainly); keep it with your unit. This will help in the event of catastrophic system meltdown.
2010-02-16 20:27:22 UTC
It's up to you whether you want to have Windows 7 automatically update or not. It doesn't make a difference, because either way you're going to be downloading the updates. What I find best for me is to have it let me know when updates are available, and then I just choose to download them when I can or feel like it.

I don't know much about fixing the blue screen problem... The only option I can think of is wiping the hard drive clean and then reinstalling Windows on it.

I've never used a Windows restore disk or a Windows recovery disk... All I know is that you need to wipe everything off your computer and put Windows back on it again, you can do that with a Windows installation CD (a real one, not a downloaded one).
2016-11-07 05:32:57 UTC
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